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Vertigo and Balance

Vertigo, dizziness, balance and loss of equilibrium are common and often frustrating complaints for many patients. The causes are often difficult to diagnose and treat. These problems require sophisticated testing available only through ENT physicians equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment.

We have, within our office, highly specialized equipment equipment to evaluate vertigo and balance problems including videonystagmography or VNG. VNG is a newer and more reliable test for in diagnosing Benign Positional Vertigo and other forms of balance disturbance than the older Electronystagmography or ENG test. Through this non-invasive test we can measure the strength of your vestibular or inner ear system as well as determine how well your eyes and brain work together. We have performed thousands of VNGs and have become a referral center for vertigo and balance disorders and treatment among primary care physicians and other otolaryngologists.

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